As humankind awakens to the deep appreciation for themselves and all creation unconditionally, they will feel their conscious awarenesses heighten and merge into the energy of unconditional love, which will connect all of us to the universe, the sky, the moon, the sun, the earth, the plants, the animals and It is only then that everything will feel blissfully fun together as one in joy!



 You have decided to have a dog companion in your life because you concluded you are ready for the care and well-being of a dog. 

That's great! 

 The best approach for you is to do is to search for a dog trainer first and foremost. The best qualities in a dog trainer is that they really love themselves and all creation unconditionally. An amazing dog trainer knows that animals have mastered  the unconditional love of themselves and of the world they live in.

 If you consult with me first I can help you think about things that you wouldn't ordinarily think about.


If you are going to choose from a litter of puppies I can also teach how to pick the best puppy from the litter or I can teach you how to choose  a dog from an animal rescue


The first session will include training  and the basic knowledge of how to help satisfy your dogs to thrive

mentally, physically and nutritionally.

Dogs are ten times more likely to develop behavioral issues when they are in what I call survivor mode.

When a dog continually goes to its water dish and smells a high amount of germs in its water it will look somewhere else for water.

 Dogs typically will go to the toilet or will dig holes in the yard because they hear and probably smell water running through your pvc pipes under ground from your sprinkler system.   

It's important that everyone that interacts with the dog uses the same language techniques consistently

 to avoid confusing the dog.

 Also, everyone that lives with the dog should try to attend the sessions.


 The earliest a puppy should start training is 12 weeks old and

 all senior dogs benefit from

training, regardless of how old they are. 

 The first time your dog experiences

training, it should be in a quiet setting at home with no distractions so learning connections can be made easily.

 The dog classes that are at the large chain pet stores have too many high level distractions for beginner training.

 For safety reasons alone it's important that you and your dog have practiced together the basic language that you have chosen. make sure your dog is responding well to the words you have taught each time prior to going in public, especially when around other dogs. 

 Dog classes are very important because it benefits your dog's social skills and it's wonderful for when it is time to add In the second level of distractions but I recommend you do a few private sessions in the pet store prior to class.

About Me

Hi my name is Lana Sandvik.Some folks have referred to me as the dog whisperer,but I like to think of myself as your guide or coach. 

Prior to engaging in business for the day I love to align my energies with myself and the universe,animals and nature through meditation so you can be sure I will have an amazing vibration that you and your dog will likely feel.

 The way that I like going about teaching and coaching you and your dog is a very fun and easy learning experience!

My experience with dogs comes from three sources:

 The first source:

 I established  an  animal rescue service, where out of my house I fostered, rehabilitated and trained all  types of dogs from my home,then I carefully placed homeless dogs in qualified forever homes.

Second Source:

 I started watching all those new dog training shows on tv and I gained an incredible insight about what dog psychology Is. I not only realized how a dog thinks I also realized how they thrive is through an appropriate habitat. 

After I started implementing an environment closer to meeting the needs,mentally,physically and nutritionally to all the dogs that I was rehabilitating,suddenly it became very clearly evident to me that when we properly address the mental,physical and nutritional needs that dogs need you now have helped them achieve their point of thriving.

 I also observed the dogs were energetically playful, and blissfully joyous. 

Third Source:

 I was hired and certified by a large, local pet store chain working as their pet trainer. I was the trainer there for two and a half years.

 I organized and instructed dog training classes and private sessions for all  breeds and ages of dogs.

 I was very successful coaching dog owners about how important the approach to dog training is.

 When you decide to approach your dog to start training you want to have a balanced peaceful mind free of negative emotions.

The vibrational frequency you want have within you is the feeling of playful fun! 


About Your Training Sessions

 Since I have been participating in powerful meditation I have allowed myself to realize new innovative ways to approach dog training.

 One of those clever ideas is that you will be using your smart phone or the your security camera you may have in your home to videotape each technique.

 Please review each video you recorded prior to practicing each technique.

 It's critical for your success!  

 This will also prevent you from reinforcing the techniques incorrectly.


 It takes about five sessions to film all of the techniques.

 Once I am finished teaching your dog each  technique  then it's your turn to attempt the teaching while I coach you through it.

 We start day one with a technique that will cause your dog to Want to watch your face,because dogs respond to commands once you get their attention.

 The goal is that the dog will obsessively focus on you while eagerly waiting for what you're going to tell it to do next.

 when your dog reaches this point a large part of the dogs training foundation has been completed.

 Day two is take it, (the dog takes an item when asked),

leave it ( when the dog approaches things you do not want the dog to pick up or smell. 

and drop it and jumping prevention.


 Day three is come sit and wait (most of you are familiar with come and sit) but I don't teach sit and stay together anymore because sit and stay sound too much alike and wait is to be considered a very short wait period. When I made this decision It just occured to me how much better this approach would be for dogs and their hips. 

    down Stay is taught next and stay is used in conjunction with down because when we use stay we need to mindful that downstay means staying untill you release your dog, which is taught next.

 Day four is  meet and greet strangers and other dogs. Then we will start emergency come and call  which is getting your dog to come to you when it is very far away from you


 Day five is how to walk your dog on a leash and remove any pulling the dog may be doing which is very easy.

 I will need to return to you as soon as possible. Each time I return we will review the prior session and add two new training techniques. 


Dog leadership training offers 20% off of  training sessions from July through september.   

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